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North Carolina Judges Diaz and Eagles Confirmed to Join Federal Bench

Ending two ridiculously long waits, the Senate has finally confirmed Charlotte Judge Albert Diaz to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and Greensboro Judge Catherine Eagles to the Middle District of North Carolina.  Both will be excellent judges, and their confirmations have been long overdue.  Other North Carolina nominations are still pending though.  Former Magistrate Judge Max Cogburn was unanimously approved by Senate Judiciary Committee a couple of weeks ago for a seat on the Western District of North Carolina federal court, but has not gotten a confirmation vote in the full Senate yet.

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Judge Wynn Confirmed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Judge Jim Wynn was finally confirmed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals last week.  Judge Wynn was first nominated for the court in 1999. His confirmation comes after months of being held up in the Senate by Republican obstruction after President Obama re-nominated him last year.  (Republicans, however, are still holding up the confirmation of North Carolina Judge Albert Diaz to another seat on the Fourth Circuit.)  Judge Wynn was sworn in on Tuesday, and officially resigned from his seat on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.  Judge Wynn’s former seat on the Court of Appeals will now be up for election in November.

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Republicans Continue to Hold Up Unemployment Extension in Senate

In a vote Thursday night, Senate Democrats were unable to overcome the Republic filibuster of the bill that contains the much-needed extension of unemployment benefits.  Even though the cost of the bill had been reduced to alleviate the (misguided) concerns of increasing the federal deficit, all Republicans and two Democrats maintained their opposition.  This bill would not only extend emergency unemployment benefits, but also provide aid to states for health care costs, and pay for that spending with increased taxes on oil companies and hedge fund managers.  Hard to argue with those ideas.  More coverage here.

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Senate Confirms Judge Andre Davis to 4th Circuit

The Senate on Monday voted 72-to-16 to confirm Judge Andre M. Davis to a seat on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Judge Davis has been a judge since 1987, and a federal trial judge since 1995.  He was first nominated to the Fourth Circuit by President Clinton in 2000, wasn’t confirmed then, and was renominated by President Obama in April.

Judge Davis fills the first of what had been five vacancies on the Fourth Circuit.  Two judges from North Carolina, Judge Jim Wynn of the North Carolina Court of Appeals, and Judge Albert Diaz on the North Carolina Business Court, were nominated to the Fourth Circuit last week.  Their nominations are pending.

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